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No Judgment, Just Teamwork

Signature Fitness delivers exceptional one-to-one personal training and small group classes to help motivate you through your fitness goals.

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At Signature Fitness, every client has options and there is never any judgment. You will be accepted at whatever fitness level you are and will be given individual attention to help you achieve your fitness goals.

We will personalize your fitness program by offering one-on-one personal training or small group fitness classes that are expertly instructed. We focus on individual attention with a lot of motivation.

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Helping You Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals

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Our classes and memberships are affordable and offer exercise programs that are designed to meet your specific health and fitness goals in Gorton, MA. Our gym is a comfortable and non-threatening environment where everybody finds something they enjoy and that works with their schedule, workout experience and abilities.

Nutrition counseling is also available upon request.

You’re Not Alone

Signature Fitness is a unique, personalized fitness center with an encouraging and non-judgemental focus. We’re not focused on where you are starting your fitness journey, but on where you want to go. We believe each person is different, with unique body composition, goals and exercise requirements and we take all of that into account for you.

We walk your journey out with you, we make it fun and above all we help you get the results that you desire.

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Signature Fitness Customer Reviews

Alison is very creative with the workouts and it helps take the focus off of working out and slogging through exercises that are not fun, like burpees!!


Lori H.

Fun class, upbeat music, and hit all muscle groups!
(review of Kettlebell AMPD)


Leann M.

Love getting one on one attention from my instructors. The classes is fantastic there is something for everyone. I am a runner but incorporating these different classes has made me stronger and I notice it every time I hit the pavement.